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Melvyn Rosenstein, a board-certified urologist who has already appeared on 60 radio shows, several television programs and been written about in magazines such as US, which reported that the doctor has completed surgeries on at least 20 major entertainers. And it's only just begun.

By the end of this year, the Institute plans to be operating on 1, men a month in six surgery centers around the United States. Unlike the others, we have the numbers behind us and the pictures to prove it. For widening, fat cells are liposuctioned from other areas of the body like the belly and added to the penis' shaft. Rosenstein, 54, is just one of at least two dozen urologists, plastic surgeons and other doctors nationwide who perform the operations as part of their practices.

But unlike most other physicians who have one office and operate on fewer patients, this doctor with Tilden has made penis enhancements his heavily advertised specialty.

Traffic Report

In just one year he expanded his practice to 26 consultation offices coast to coast. He also claims to have operated on more men with far better and more consistent results than any other doctor. In fact, it is largely due to Rosenstein's public visibility that the once largely unknown surgeries are now gaining widespread recognition, with more patients and doctors jumping on the bandwagon every day. But the renovations aren't requested by men with dysfunctional or abnormally-sized penises. Rather, they are sought by normal-sized men who simply want to be bigger. So they get in here and once they're comfortable with us, the fears just come spilling out.

James Redman, a Newport Beach psychiatrist. They're going under the assumption that they need a big one to get along in life. Others decide to go forward. It's that they can bolster a man's overall confidence level. Men come in here with their heads hanging down and wearing bland clothes: They come back dressed sharp and walking tall with their heads held high.

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Speaking by telephone, he tells a story of a life peppered by self doubt regarding his penis size. For example, I'd split up with my girlfriend and suddenly feel inadequate. Other times, when things were going well, it didn't bother me. I did feel down for a while, I felt a little panic, but now I feel great because psychologically, I know this is me.

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This is the best I can be, so I can just leave it alone: I don't have to play with my mind over it anymore. Also speaking by telephone, he says he hadn't been excessively worried about his penis size - which was six inches when erect - but he did experience anxiety when at the gym. It's a macho type thing. Frederick Grazer, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Corona del Mar. Reports Grazer: I predict it's only a matter of time before somebody dies of an embolism from injecting fat cells.

But the problem is, you get one guy who's happy and he tells people.

The next thing you know, everyone's doing it. Perry Nadig, a University of Texas clinical professor of urologic surgery and vice chairman of the public communications committee for the American Urological Association AUA , also opposes the surgeries. He recently helped draft a AUA statement that says the procedures' safety and efficacy are "unproven" and says that since there are not yet published studies on the cosmetic use of the operations, they shouldn't be done except as investigational procedures under the auspices of an institutional review board.

The real question, says Nadig, is what are patients doing it for? The emotional and psychological implications of the perceived abnormality of the penis go far beyond the ground that other types of cosmetic surgery tread on. One is urologist Dr. Douglas Whitehead, director of the Assn. I would not do it. Sinai School of Medicine, says his medical team will include a psychiatrist to evaluate candidates and a plastic surgeon who will perform the widening procedure.

But the plastic surgeon will not perform liposuction; rather he will use a "dermal fat graft" technique that Whitehead says is safer. At press time, Whitehead had not yet performed any surgeries.

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Harold M. Reed, a Florida urologist who has enlarged about penises since , calls the penis enlargement procedures an "evolving technology" and cautions against potential hazards that could result from inexperienced physicians. Of men he reported data about, one suffered a serious nerve injury that Reed says will take about eight months to heal; two others reported inhibited erections that the doctor believes may be psychosomatic, because the surgery itself does not physiologically affect sexual, reproductive or urinary function.

Says Reed: And Tilden, who says Rosenstein in more than 2, operations has had no problems other than a minor infection, says they're certainly less dangerous than breast enlargements that involve silicone. Still, there are no published studies on the procedures, acknowledges Tilden. But Rosenstein plans to publish a report in about six months, he adds. And different doctors report different results.

According to Rosenstein, about 80 percent of his patients gain two inches in length and add 50 percent in width. The new length is permanent in both the erect and flaccid states, and about 85 percent of the new girth is also permanent, he says.

The Penis King

Other doctors haven't achieved - and don't believe - Rosenstein's results. One is Dr. Brian Novack, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon also known for male buttock and chest enhancements. Novack says that most doctors exaggerate the results they get. In his experience, an added inch of visible length is all that can be expected; most of that is only in the flaccid state. I have seen one patient with a collection of blood under the skin that was easily managed.

Fibrosis of superficial vein. This rarely occurs and usually resolves by itself. I have seen three patients who developed an infection and lost the graft and one patient who lost part of the graft, and three patients who did not lose the graft. Ecchymosis bruising. This occasionally occurs and resolves by itself.

Nerve injury resulting in decrease of penile sensation. This has not occurred in any of my patients. Edema temporary swelling of the skin. I have occasionally seen this in my patients. Seroma collection of serum under skin. Erectile dysfunction difficulty with erection.

If some of these complications occur, further surgery may be required 6. Submit ripple Forum Donor 81 posts ripple I think he was one of the first surgeons to use Alloderm, at least on the east coast. Rosenthal worked with him for a while, if I'm not mistaken or at least trained with him. I don't believe he practices anymore. Whitehead retired. Quote 0 0 0 Dd71 Contributing Member 53 posts Dd71 He did retire due to health issues, it's a shame because I heard he was a great dr.

I will post info after I speak with them. EQ Well, it wasent that I wasent impressed I just became more interested in other procedures. I started looking at the elist implant, stumbled across this site and the rest is history. I feel that fft isint the right choice for me. The majority of people ive spoken to who have had it, have only complaints.

Uneveness, fat lumps, and soft erections. Since ive started reading about pmma and injectables But as for those drs, i really cant speak for or against them. I didnt talk to anyone including on this site who was a patient of theirs. Dd71 - Thanks for the feedback. I value your opinion based on the amount of detailed research you seem to be doing.

It is hard to find the right procedure and the right experienced doctor.

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Dd71 Contributing Member 53 posts. He did retire due to health issues, it's a shame because I heard he was a great dr. Well the site is still up, someone may have taken over his practice. They were the! Dd71 - sounds like you were not impressed with the referral.