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The shaft is composed of four erectile structures and four sheaths.

The erectile organs include two corpus cavernosa, which extend from the pubic bone to the gland; the corpus spongiosum, through which the urethra passes throughout its length; and the gland. The four sheaths of the shaft, from the outside in, are as follows:. The shaft is connected to the abdominal wall, the pubic symphysis and the pubis thorough the suspensory ligament. It consists of three bodies — one medial and two lateral. Lipopenosculpture, or LPS.

Penile surgery has two components that can easily be combined: Thickening LPS. For decades, liquid silicone and other filler agents were used to thicken the shaft. These methods were ineffective and often harmful because of the formation of granulomas or the migration of the product. Today, autologous grafting of adipose tissue, which is effective and non-harmful, is the safest and most reliable method.

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Extraction of Adipocytes. This is done at the level of the pubis, from the inner and outer thighs, the abdomen or sometimes the buttocks. In fact, these sites are rich in adipocytes with a2 receptors, which are less sensitive to diet and weight fluctuations, contrary to adipocytes with b1 receptors arms, thorax , thus allowing the graft to be maintained more effectively over time. Insertion of the Graft. We use a 1. The cannula is mounted on a 10 ml syringe, placed in a pistol-shaped device designed for this purpose, with notches on its barrel which allow for the smooth and even distribution of the graft and control of the contours using low and uniform pressure.

The two entry points are in the ventral and distal parts of the body of the penis, in the preputial skin or the balanopreputial crease. We have chosen the entry points at the level of the balanopreputial crease, immediately below the gland, because that puts us naturally in the proper anatomical plane, and the procedure is easier than using a peno-pubic approach. The transplant is inserted all the way to the base of the penis, at the correct pubic angle.

The deposit consists of filling the sub-cutaneous spaces in equal quantities averaging 0.

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It is important to avoid depositing too much fatty tissue at the same time in order to limit the risk of cytosteatonecrosis, which may be unsightly and embarrassing for the patient. It is also important to avoid inserting the graft too close to the surface, in order to avoid the risk of necrosis. The procedure for lengthening the penis developed later, towards the s, and is the result of the disinsertion of the corpus cavernosa from their attachment to the pubic bone, by sectioning the suspensory ligament.

The use of these procedures has allowed the techniques to become standardised and reliable.

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The surgical procedure of lengthening consists of performing a partial sectioning of the suspensory ligament of the shaft, a dissection and incision of the superficial areas of the medial and lateral fascia of the ligament and cutaneous reconstruction. After measuring the girth of the penis at its base as a reference, we draw two vertical lines measuring 1 cm toward the tip, which we connect via a horizontal line. Ability pump blood in people who are diabetic tend to develop the volume of cells penis relax and thereby increase pleasure.

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